Favorite Taylor Swift Songs: Haunted

You and I walk a fragile line. I have known it all this time. Never ever thought I’d see it break. Never thought I’d see it…


HQ scan of the biography picture out of the limited edition “Red” only at Walmart. (credit: swiftnetwork)

July 29, 2014 - Taylor Swift  out in NYC


in case you didnt know

  • girls can be polite without being flirty
  • dont mistake politeness for being into you
  • girls can be nice without wanting the d
  • ya feel

Taylor Swift songs for the Zodiac Signs


  •  aries // sparks fly
  •  taurus // our song
  •  gemini // speak now
  •  cancer // never grow up
  •  leo // the way i loved you
  •  virgo // begin again
  •  libra // tim mcgraw
  •  scorpio // treacherous
  •  sagittarius // long live
  •  capricorn // mary’s song
  •  aquarius // 22
  •  pisces // enchanted

Happy, free, confused, and lonely


  • A: an uplifting song
  • B: a song to listen to before you go to sleep
  • C: a song from a soundtrack
  • D: a song that reminds me of a fictional character
  • E: a song by a band I’ve seen live
  • F: a song that I’ve used as a ringtone at some point
  • G: a song to party your butts off to
  • H: a song that reminds me of my childhood
  • I: a song that gives me butterflies
  • J: a song by the beatles
  • K: a song I know all the lyrics to
  • L: an instrumental song
  • M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had
  • N: a song by a band I want to see live
  • O: a melancholic song
  • P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog
  • Q: a song to drive to
  • R: a song that I’ve listened to lots of times recently
  • S: a song by a band of your choice
  • T: a lovesong
  • U: a song that reminds me of a fictional pairing
  • V: a non-english song
  • W: a song with an amazing music video
  • X: a cover
  • Y: a song I’d send to my crush (imaginary, if you don’t have one)
  • Z: a randomly chosen song